Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Get Acrylic Rendering Services in Canberra and Sydney?

What is acrylic rendering?

Acrylic rendering is basically different from cement rendering. Acrylic rendering is made by mixing acrylic, which is just a type of plastic only. The use of plastic makes the render flexible and less prone to cracks. As per Australia's harsh climate, Acrylic rendering is considered as an ideal rendering for houses and buildings.   

Benefits of acrylic rendering  

There are a lot of benefits associated with the usage of acrylic rendering, some of them are:

  • It provides added strength and flexibility. 
  • It acts as a strong render base. 
  • It remains less affected by issues such as moisture or humidity. 
  • Easy to apply.
  • Longevity
  • It takes less curing time than cement rendering.
  • It offers better water resistance.

How to apply acrylic rendering?

Acrylic render can be applied to surfaces like Clay Brick, Concrete Block, Polystyrene Cladding Panel and so on. 

Acrylic Render is applied with the usage of a Pump Machine, Steel Trowel and a sponge. When the application, acrylic render just require the addition of water when applied as a full render whereas in some cases it may require the addition of Bond refer to TDS.

House rendering Canberra Sydney

A reliable acrylic rendering mix can cover up to 2 to 5 sqm per Bag, rest the consumption varies upon depending on the surface to be coated only.

For getting best coverage results, it is essential to get the best quality of acrylic render mix only. Render Plus could be great for buying the best quality of acrylic render mix in Canberra and Sydney.

Why Render Plus only?

Render Plus is a Canberra based house rendering services expert company which has been involved in providing the best house rendering services in all over Australia since years. It has been involved in the development of many residential and commercial facilities in NSW and ACT areas. 

At Render Plus, acrylic rendering mix is easily available in Environmentally Friendly Paper Bags weighing and costing 20kg.- 48/56 units per pallet. 

For more details about Render Plus Visit Here or call us at 0416 695 050


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