Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to look for the Best Coloured Render

Thinking about the best way to beautify your new home? Well, worry no more as the way to get that the aesthetic appeal is here. Render your house with the best coloured finish money can buy.

Coloured rendering nowadays have added to the charm of a building with the availability of a myriad colours for a glossy finish along with the safety and durability of the walls due to advancement in technology. Coloured rendering is useful as it is a low maintenance work even if you decide to not paint the house with a different paint if you change your mind.

Variable with more durable nature against protection from all-weather properties as well as water proofing technology at hand enables people worry less than required. For the best coloured render, we can look for mineral based coloured render, a cement render, as it is economical along with being water resistant disallowing the formation of algae and dampness.

Silicon render with formulation of silicon water repellents comes in a range of colours with a natural finish helping with the durability of the render though is slightexpensive than the mineral based render. Whilst the cheapest shall be the acrylic or resin render finish with flexibility being its main attribute as well as durability and water proofing propensity. Being flexible helps it from cracking which is prone to other renders.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Best Acrylic Render Finish

Having a home of one’s choice is a dream sewn by all, young or old alike. The architecture and finish of a house or building is an aesthetic appeal which captures the imagination of all. Giving it weight is the rendering on the walls allowing for increased allure.

Rendering can be of various types as for example cement rendering and foam rendering which are the most common among the populace. But the most exciting is the acrylic rendering which is best from the view of affordability and quality. Each render is composed of specially selected graded quartz sand with a pure acrylic binder system and other proprietary additives.

Acrylic rendering is the most flexible among the options available as it is resistant to cracks keeping it impassive to weather change. It is also compatible to most wall bases, be it cement or timber. But the most attractive attribute that it has is the ability to be moulded into myriad designs and textures which is usually not possible in other renders. You can design your home into the style of your choice by simply selecting the texture you find compatible with your taste.

The best acrylic render finish is handsome for someone wanting to realise the nature of water resistance the acrylic rendering provides as it denies water leakage and keeps the walls strong. Also bacterial infestation and fungal formation cannot take place in acrylic rendering thus making it best for your healthy life and well being.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Render Your Exteriors, Not Just Plain Finishes

Plain finishes for interior and exterior walls are receding into the background. Rendering exteriors is the way to go these days in Australia.

There are several options in exterior wall cladding. The primary consideration is how old the property is and the condition as well as material of existing substrate. One can then choose the appropriate material for external wall cladding in the color and finish required. A minor but no less consideration is that the colors must harmonize with those of houses in the neighborhood.

Rendering exteriors does make them appear far more attractive than a simple paint finish. One way is to use lime and cement with the appropriate tint and material texture along with additives to make the exterior render waterproor and also dust resistant as well as easy to clean. 
 Getting it done by experts is important because the stucco or render can be just plain admixture of lime or cement or it can be a sophisticated one with binders, fillers, reinforcing fibers and additives like acrylic, silicone and polymers for greater strength, durability, weather resistance and moisture ingress protection. Lime, clay and cement are the popular base materials, each with specific advantages as well as drawbacks. A house owner and the contractor can decide after examining the present state of the exteriors of the house.  The looks can be further enhanced by the addition of pebbles or gravel or colored stones and similar inclusions. The surface can then be prepared to be flat or it can be flicked onto the walls or applied using a machine for speedy execution of work.

While traditional materials are good enough, modern polymer based renders like spraystone with acrylic bound cement are the preferred material due to inherent better qualities and looks. These renders can be applied to achieve sandstone or granite effects.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Finest Texture Coat Render in Canberra

What is Texture coat render? 

Texture coat render is perfect for enhancing the looks of interior walls. The texture coat rendering is perfect for adding a specific architectural style or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone to the interior walls. 

The advantages of having Texture coat render are
  • Better resistance -  It protect the walls against water, peeling, sagging, flaking and fungi-algae growth.
  • Enhanced looks - It can be used in place of wallpapers.
  • Easy application - Easy process for application.
  • Better coverage - Hides all type of imperfections on the wall.
  • Low maintenance cost
Texture coat render

The texture coat render is durable in short, it demands less maintenance.
For the supply of superior quality, texture coat renders in Canberra, trust Render Plus only. 

The texture coat render of Render Plus is specially designed for use under membrane paint. Render Plus has years of experience in the application of texture coat render on concrete ceilings, weather board walls, painted brick surfaces, all internal surfaces and much more.

For more details on Texture coat render of Render Plus, visit www.renderplus.com.au

Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Get Acrylic Rendering Services in Canberra and Sydney?

What is acrylic rendering?

Acrylic rendering is basically different from cement rendering. Acrylic rendering is made by mixing acrylic, which is just a type of plastic only. The use of plastic makes the render flexible and less prone to cracks. As per Australia's harsh climate, Acrylic rendering is considered as an ideal rendering for houses and buildings.   

Benefits of acrylic rendering  

There are a lot of benefits associated with the usage of acrylic rendering, some of them are:

  • It provides added strength and flexibility. 
  • It acts as a strong render base. 
  • It remains less affected by issues such as moisture or humidity. 
  • Easy to apply.
  • Longevity
  • It takes less curing time than cement rendering.
  • It offers better water resistance.

How to apply acrylic rendering?

Acrylic render can be applied to surfaces like Clay Brick, Concrete Block, Polystyrene Cladding Panel and so on. 

Acrylic Render is applied with the usage of a Pump Machine, Steel Trowel and a sponge. When the application, acrylic render just require the addition of water when applied as a full render whereas in some cases it may require the addition of Bond refer to TDS.

House rendering Canberra Sydney

A reliable acrylic rendering mix can cover up to 2 to 5 sqm per Bag, rest the consumption varies upon depending on the surface to be coated only.

For getting best coverage results, it is essential to get the best quality of acrylic render mix only. Render Plus could be great for buying the best quality of acrylic render mix in Canberra and Sydney.

Why Render Plus only?

Render Plus is a Canberra based house rendering services expert company which has been involved in providing the best house rendering services in all over Australia since years. It has been involved in the development of many residential and commercial facilities in NSW and ACT areas. 

At Render Plus, acrylic rendering mix is easily available in Environmentally Friendly Paper Bags weighing and costing 20kg.- 48/56 units per pallet. 

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